About Us

The Open4fun.com mission is to be the premier source for adventure seekers, first time tourists and world travelers open to new experiences and looking for fun. We want to deliver exciting activities to everyone interested in exploring the world and the untold options that we offer. Our system is designed for simplicity, transparency and perspicacity, making it the obvious choice for any globetrotter, and we will never stop expanding and improving until everyone sees us as their number one destination before, during and after their journey.

Our family bonded with the travel industry in 1985 when we opened our first travel agency.  We had already lived on three different continents and visited over eight countries at the time and our travels introduced us to many cultural differences and revealed the excitement from spending time in other parts of the world. These encounters provided us with insight into the importance of actually experiencing what each nation has to offer, meeting the locals and sharing in their way of life. By seeing and comparing different locations, it made it easier for us to give recommendations to our discerning travelers. 

The dynamic world we live in has shown us that travelers want to use a website when they are on the go and unable to connect with a travel advisor to plan their trip. That is why we created Open4fun. We filter the vast options for travelers so they don’t have to spend valuable time researching activities across various platforms. We have it all at your fingertips, available in once central location.

Owning multiple brick and mortar travel agencies and having traveled all over the world, we know that the greatest thing you remember about each place are the experiences. Open OUR door and have some fun!